What is Lions Gate?

Lions Gate is a powerful astrological event that occurs annually on August 8th when the brightest star in the night sky (Sirius) rises above the eastern horizon and aligns perfectly with Orion’s belt and the great pyramids of Giza, Egypt. This mystical alignment opens up a cosmic portal through which intense star energy is channeled down to earth, allowing all dreams, goals and visions to manifest into the realm of our present reality. Lions Gate Spiritual and Wellness Center was conceived through this portal in 2021 and one year later, on August 8, 2022, it fully manifested itself into reality.

Lions Gate for Practitioners

We offer online and in person options to help practitioners get started or grow their existing practices. Our user-friendly Directory has global reach and is designed to connect clients with the right practitioner. We also have well-appointed rooms that you can rent hourly or per diem in our Westborough store for private sessions, workshops or classes. In addition, we can create a virtual forum for one-on-one readings or group events. We handle the logistics of any spiritual business without creating additional administrative burdens. Our job is to make your job easier. Listing in the Directory will help you attract new clients and grow your practice. The Directory is searchable by specialty, physical location, key words and other parameters. We can also handle all of your scheduling, billing and marketing/promotion needs. If you are further along and already have those capabilities, you can still join our Directory or offer classes through our system to expand your marketing reach. For more established practitioners, we will direct clients to your website for booking and payment management. Whichever way you prefer to work with us, Lions Gate is here to support you and make your business succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Lions Gate for Seekers

If you are looking for spiritual direction or seeking answers to difficult questions, you have been guided to Lions Gate for a reason. We created Lions Gate to serve people just like you.  Our Practitioner Directory attracts the world’s best practitioners having many different specialties. We list gifted mediums, psychics, card readers, energy healers and cover many other practice areas. We personally interview and vet each practitioner before they are permitted to list in the Directory. You can also visit our online store or our physical location in Westborough, MA to find the metaphysical products and services you need all in one place. We host virtual and in person classes, workshops and group events, in addition to one-on-one practitioner sessions. We are passionate about promoting local artists and small businesses, so our unique offerings are constantly changing. Come visit us online or in our physical store to see everything we have to offer!

Our Online Store

Our online store has more than 4,000 metaphysical products, all offered at reasonable prices with FREE SHIPPING on all products (within the continental US only). Please visit our store and experience the wide variety of items we have listed for sale. If we don’t have something that you are looking for, just let us know and we will do our best to find it for you! Show Now

Our Physical Location (the Shoppe and Enlightenment Centre)

The GRAND OPENING of our Lions Gate West store at 57 E Main Street, Unit 134, Westborough, Massachusetts happened when the Lions Gate portal opened on August 8, 2022!

In addition to our amazing retail store (the Shoppe), we have a spacious educational/spiritual development center with three separate rooms for private sessions, classes, and workshops (the Enlightenment Centre). Come meet the talented psychics, healers and readers available for private sessions or check out our calendar of upcoming events happening in the Enlightenment Centre.

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