Drumming Journey

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  • Drumming Journey
    February 2, 2023
    6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Drumming Journey with Karen Keirstead


First, I will introduce myself and talk about the drum I’ll be using for the Journey. I will then explain the parts of the Drumming Journey and its purpose. Participants may ask questions before we begin the Journey.


A Drumming Journey is more of a guided meditation to the beat of Mother Earth. I begin using my Ocean Drum with a guided meditation to ground everyone. Then I use one of my personally made Shaman drums (either the Elk, or Horse; it depends on which calls to be used).


Once the drumming starts I guide everyone to meet their guide(s). I let them know it might be anyone, or anything (such as a Unicorn or Dragon); it could be a family member who has passed on, etc. They are also told this guide will have a gift for them. This will last between 30-40 minutes. The remainder of the time is used to allow people to share their experience, if they wish.



About Karen Keirstead (MDQP)

I have been on my healing and spiritual seeker path for over 40 years. As I look back on conversations with my parents, and grandparent I’ve come to understand my love of nature, my connection to spirits and angels, as well as my love and connection to animals. It is a family lineage. I am deeply connected to the earth and animals. In 2019 I graduated a 3 year program from the Trinity Mystical Energy School with my certification as a Multi Dimensional Quantum Healer as a Practitioner. While doing those studies I also completed the Shaman Song program and Goddess Circles. I am currently studying Goddess Craft, and with Sadiki Bakari for Technology Empowerment. My education, and practice allow me to work with and help people, animals, nature, and spirits, as I draw on the knowledge from the Divine Universe.


Services provided: Teach Animal Reiki (level 1 through 3), Animal energy healing, Human energy healing (cord cutting, PTSD including past life, DNA encoding), Aroma Touch Therapy, Drumming Journey’s, Drumming Circles, Land and Building clearing of energy and spirits



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