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Our enchanting and spacious Enlightenment Centre is the heart of our business, and is located adjacent to the Shoppe. We are passionate about bringing peace, joy and light to the world though the gifted practitioners that we host in the Enlightenment Center.  We have three amazing rooms, The Nest, The Lair and The Den. for readings, healings, classes and workshops that will take place all year long.

Check out our calendar to learn about upcoming events or to see when your favorite reader or healer will be available for private sessions.

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Introducing Wellness via Lions Gate!

Over the coming months, Lions Gate will be announcing several unique programs focusing on wellness of the mind, body and soul! Please join our e-mail list to hear the latest news about our wellness offerings!


We are excited to announce the availability of Hair Follicle Scanning in the Enlightenment Center at Lions Gate!

In-Person and Remote Hair Follicle Scanning

Epigenetic reports produced using Cell-WellBeing’s hair scanner technology provide in-depth analysis and real-time feedback on complex issues of nutritional and physical deficiencies and imbalances. The hair follicle scan produces a digital readout that is analyzed with a proprietary algorithm to yield feedback on nutritional status and environmental factors that may be impacting your body’s ability to effectively use the nutrients provided in the foods you eat.  Hair follicles store approximately 90 days’ worth of wellness information and can provide a comprehensive view over the past 3 months, smoothing out momentary blips and anomalies.  Scanning just four strands of hair will show which indicators are the highest priority concerns for your body and give guidance about how to address them. Find out about nutritional deficiencies from your diet and metabolism, and identify issues caused by external factors such as fungus, mold, metals and radiation.

The detailed, 35 page report you will receive provides a pathway forward by prioritizing which bodily system challenges or imbalances should be addressed first, which foods should be avoided or consumed and/or which nutritional deficiencies should be addressed as a priority. We also provide a video assessment by our experienced nutritional consultant who can help you to understand the results from your report. The hair follicle assessment may be useful to combat pre-existing challenges or used proactively to anticipate future challenges.

We recommend repeating your hair follicle scan after 90 days to evaluate your progress and determine whether further interventions may be helpful.

Lions Gate is proud to offer three different reports from Cell-WellBeing:

  • Optimize Immunity and Wellness
  • Optimize Sports/Elite Sports Performance
  • Optimize Hair, Skin and Nails

If you are not local to our center in Westborough, MA or if you prefer to obtain a remote scan, we can send a kit to your address for collection of the hair sample and a pre-paid return mailer designed specifically to avoid contamination in transit.  You will receive detailed instructions for obtaining and shipping the remote sample back to us for analysis. Once processed, we will send you the report and provide a video interpretation via email. 

Please email to obtain a remote scan.

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